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UMT iOS Tool v3.9 Latest Version:

UMT iOSTool stands out as a formidable utility designed for performing a multitude of operations on iOS devices that are susceptible to the Checkm8 exploit or are subject to an open menu iCloud lock. This tool empowers users with the capability to eradicate the iCloud lock via token, initiate various iOS versions, rectify drivers, exit recovery mode, and much more.

In this article, we delve into the features and prerequisites of the latest iteration of UMT iOSTool, version 3.9.


UMT iOSTool v3.9 introduces several new features and enhancements, catering to a wide array of user needs. Here’s an overview of the main features included in this version:

PWNDFU Checkm8: Utilize the Checkm8 exploit to enter PWNDFU mode on your iOS device, offering enhanced control for tasks such as booting different iOS versions or removing iCloud lock by token.

PWNDFU Gaster: Access PWNDFU mode using the Gaster exploit, requiring specific iOS versions and jailbreak for operation, similar to Checkm8 but with different requirements.

Fix Drivers: Rectify drivers on your computer associated with your iOS device, ensuring proper functionality for various operations.

Install DFU Drivers Manually: Manually install DFU drivers on your computer, useful if automatic installation fails or results in issues.

Exit iOS Device from Recovery Mode: Effortlessly exit your iOS device from recovery mode, helpful if it’s stuck or if you need to halt a restore/update process.

Support for iOS v.15.8.1: Use UMT iOSTool v3.9 on iOS devices running the latest version, iOS 15.8.1, extending compatibility to a range of iPhone and iPad models.

Supported Models for FMI OFF Open Menu: Remove iCloud lock by token from iOS devices with open menu iCloud locks, supporting all iOS device models to date.

Supported Models List For Ramdisk Operations: Boot various iOS versions on your device using a ramdisk, supporting specific iPhone and iPad models across different iOS versions, including iOS 11 to 16.X.

Boot iOS 16.0-16.X (No Boot Loop): Boot iOS versions 16.0 to 16.X on select iPhone and iPad models without encountering boot loop issues, ensuring smooth operation.

These features collectively enhance the functionality and versatility of UMT iOSTool v3.9, providing users with a comprehensive toolset for managing their iOS devices effectively.


Password for Setup: UmtTeam

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