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ST MTK Tool Latest Version 2024:

ST MTK Tool is a Windows utility tool designed to facilitate a range of operations on devices equipped with MediaTek chipsets. It boasts compatibility with numerous popular MTK devices, including those from manufacturers like Oppo, Samsung, Xiaomi, and others. This tool is freely available for link and use by all users, without the need for activation or registration.

ST MTK Tool supports a variety of key functions, including:

Data Formatting:
The data formatting function enables users to erase all data stored on their devices, including internal storage, cache, and user data. This functionality is valuable for resetting devices to their factory settings or eliminating malware or viruses.

Safe Data Formatting for Oppo:
This feature mirrors the data formatting function but is tailored specifically for Oppo devices. It facilitates the secure formatting of data without impacting the IMEI or baseband of the device. Such a process can effectively address software issues or unlock the device from a network carrier.

FRP (Factory Reset Protection) Removal:
The FRP removal function empowers users to eliminate the FRP lock from their devices. The FRP lock serves as a security measure that prevents unauthorized access to the device post a factory reset. Utilizing this function allows users to bypass Google account verification and resume normal device usage.

FRP Removal for Samsung:
Similar to the generic FRP removal function, this option is customized for Samsung devices. It effectively eliminates the FRP lock without triggering the Knox warranty void. This functionality is advantageous for users keen on maintaining their warranty while addressing the FRP lock issue.

Mi Account Reset (Persist Format):
This functionality enables users to eliminate the Mi account lock from Xiaomi devices. The Mi account lock serves as a security feature to deter unauthorized access post a factory reset. By utilizing this function, users can bypass Mi account verification and resume device usage. The Persist Format option ensures permanent removal of the Mi account lock, unaffected by reboots or software updates.

Mi Account Reset for Old Models (Requires ADB Bypass):
Catering to older Xiaomi models lacking the Persist Format option, this function necessitates enabling ADB (Android Debug Bridge) mode on the device. Users then connect their devices to a PC via USB cable and utilize the ST MTK Tool to eliminate the Mi account lock.

Bootloader Unlock:
This function empowers users to unlock the bootloader of their devices. The bootloader is instrumental in loading the operating system and essential files. Unlocking the bootloader facilitates the installation of custom ROMs, kernels, mods, and other modifications. However, users should exercise caution as it may void the warranty and pose a risk of bricking the device.

Bootloader Relock:
This function allows users to relock the bootloader of their devices, enabling the restoration of original firmware or stock ROM. It may also enhance device security and stability by preventing unauthorized modifications and access.



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